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Enthroned - Blackwinds [Demo 1994][Belgium]

Genre(s) Black Metal

Demo, independent

Line Up:

Franck Lorent (aka Lord Sabathan): Bass, vocals
Vincent (aka Tsebaoth): Guitar}
Dan Vanderplas (aka Cernunnos): Bass

01 Legend Of The Coldest Breeze (Intro)
02 Tales From A Blackend Horde
03 Deny The Holy Book Of Lies
04 Rites Of The Northern Fullmoon
05 Scared By Darkwinds
06 At The Sound Of The Millenium Black Bells

Total playing time 25:39

Format: mp3 CBR 128 Kbps 44.1 Khz
File-Size: 23,45 MB
Link: Enthroned - Blackwinds [Demo 1994]
Pass: Enemy

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