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Embalming Theatre/Swarrrm - Personality [Split 2008]

Embalming Theatre [Switzerland]
Genre(s) Death/Grind
Swarrrm [Japan]
Genre(s) Death/Grind

Split, Jennifer Grind Records


Embalming Theatre
01 Tsunami Pt I: Survived to be gangraped
02 Failed at chainsaw suicide
03 Dead garbage III: Barrelled infants
04 Penis in a fruit punch
05 Outro
06 Hormones from the dead (Live)
07 Someone else in my coffin (Live)
08 Get high on a dead dog (Live)
09 Do you hear me? (Live)
10 Self devourment (Hideous Mangleus cover!) (Live)
11 Scilence (Live)
12 Brain (Live)
13 Venom (Live)
14 Don't cover ahead (Live)
15 Against again (Live)
16 H.D.K. (Live)

Total Playing List 35:29

Format: mp3 VBR 320 Kbps 44.1 Khz
File-Size: 45,62 MB
Link: Embalming Theatre/Swarrrm - Personality [Split 2008]
Pass: Enemy

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