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Old Wainds - Zdes Nikogda Ne Skhodyat Snega [Demo 1997][Russia]

Genre(s) Black Metal

Demo, Zimargla Power Production

Re-released on tape by Stellar Winter.
Re-released in 2003 on CD, titled Where the Snows Are Never Gone, by Miriquidi / City Of The Dead and on LP limited to 333 hand-numbered copies. This version was remixed at The End Studio. It used the English titles:
01 Unholy Nordland Fire
02 Winter Warriors
03 Gods Gazing From Beyond
04 Eternal Wanderer of Winter Nights
05 Where the Snows Are Never Gone
06 At the Gates of Frosty Mountains
07 Guardians of the Icy Kingdom
08 Cold Mourning of the Pale Moon

01 Unholy Norland Fire
02 Voiny T'my (Воины Тьмы)
03 Bogi Glyadyaschiye Vniz (Боги Глядящие Вниз)
04 Vechnyi Strannik Zimnikh Nochey (Вечный Странник Зимних Ноч)
05 Zdes' Nikogda Ne Skhodyat Snega (Здесь Никогда Не Сходят Сне&)
06 V Preddverii Moroznykh Gor (В Преддверии Морозных Гор)
07 Strazha Ledyanogo Korolevstva (Стража Ледяного Королевств)
08 Kholodnye Skorbi Blednoy Luny (Холодные Скорби Бледной Луl)

Total playing time 38:07

Format: mp3 CBR 320 Kbps 44.1 Khz
File-Size: 88.85 MB
Link: Old Wainds - Zdes Nikogda Ne Skhodyat Snega [Demo 1997]
Pass: Enemy

Miriquidi Productions
Debemur Morti
Assault Records

Official merchandise
Arma Diaboli
Forever Plagued Records (USA)

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