viernes, 26 de junio de 2009

Pazuzu/Summoning - The Urilia Text [Split 1994][Austria]

Pazuzu [Austria]
Genre(s) Darkwave

Summoning [Austria]
Genre(s) Epic/Atmospheric Black Metal

Split, Independent

There is a different version of this split demo existing (If the tracklist in the archives is fake, I can't prove). It has the cover art in colour and the following songtitles:
1. "The Incantation of the Fire God"
2. "The Urilia Abominations"
3. "The Churning Seas of Absu"
4. "Evocate the Ancient"
5. "The Valley of the Frozen Kingdom"
6. "The Lord From the Shadowrealm"

Pazuzu (Aut)
01 Prologue
02 Der Mond ward der Erde neue Sonne
03 Incantation of the Firegod
04 The Urilia Abomination
05 Epilogue

06 Beyond Bloodred Horizons
07 Dragons of Time

Total playing time 28:02

File-Size: 25.8 MB
Format: mp3 CBR 128 Kbps 44.1 Khz
Link: Pazuzu/Summoning - The Urilia Text [Split 1994]
Pass: Enemy

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