lunes, 13 de julio de 2009

Shining/Funeral Dirge/Mrok - The Sinister Alliance [Split 2007]

Shining [Sweden]
Genre(s) Black Metal

Funeral Dirge [Sweden]
Genre(s) Black Metal

Mrok [Poland]
Genre(s) Ambient/Industrial/Black Metal

Split album, Old Temple
March 31st, 2007

CD Compilation of Shining's "Submit To Self-Destruction" 7" EP and Funeral Dirge's "The Silence Ebony" 7" EP, both released on Selbstmord Services. The CD comes in a 7"-sleeve, with inlay and two stickers. It is limited to 666 hand numbered copies.

Tracks 1,4,7 by Mrok
Tracks 2,3 by Shining
Tracks 5,6 by Funeral Dirge


01 Prologue
02 Endless Solitude
03 Submit to Self-Destruction
04 Interlude - Realms of Death
05 The Black Breath
06 Livsleda
07 Epilogue

Total playing time 31:00

Format: mp3 CBR 192 Kbps 44.1 Khz
File-Size: 42.6 MB
Link: Shining/Funeral Dirge/Mrok - The Sinister Alliance [Split 2007]
Pass: Enemy

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