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Deströyer 666 - Six Songs With The Devil [Demo 1994][Australia]

Genre(s) Blackened Thrash/Death metal

Demo, Independent

K.K. Warslut - Vocals, guitars, bass
Chris Volcanoe - Drums

20 white tapes and 1000 black tapes were made. Re-released on vinyl by
Damnation Records in 2001, limited to 500 copies.


01 Hail to Destruction
02 An Endless Stream of Bombers
03 Long Live Death
04 Song for a Devil's Son - Destroyer
05 Like Bloody Rabid Wolves Unleashed from Chains
06 Outro: Onwards to Arktogaa

Total playing time 17:52

Format: mp3 CBR 128 Kbps 44.1 Khz
File-Size: 16,62 MB
Link: Deströyer 666 - Six Songs With The Devil [Demo 1994]
Pass: Enemy

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