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Varg/Minas Morgul - Schildfront [Split 2008][Germany]

Varg [Germany]/Minas Morgul [Germany]
Genre(s) Pagan Metal/Pagan Black Metal

Split, Twilight-Vertrieb
September 12th, 2008

Released as a 16 site A5 Digibook limited to 1999 copies.

Contains 2 video clips of the bands from the Wolfszeit Festival 2007, Germany.

"Aufzug der Heere" spoken by Tobias Kluckert (spokesman in the movie "300").


01 Aufzug der Heere (Intro)
02 Erwache
03 Schildfront
04 Der Sonne entgegen (Minas Morgul Cover)

Minas Morgul (Ger)
05 Ein Stück sterben
06 Eisenteufel
07 Zeit des Wolfes (Varg Interpretation)

Total playing time 26:08

Format: mp3 VBR 320 Kbps 44.1 Khz
File-Size: 53,72 MB
Link: Varg/Minas Morgul - Schildfront [Split 2008]
Pass: Enemy

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