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Bloodthorn/...And Oceans - WAR Vol. I [Split 1998]

...And Oceans [Finland]
Genre(s) Symphonic Black Metal (early), Industrial/Electronic Metal (later)

Bloodthorn [Norway]
Genre(s) Black/Death Metal

Split, Season of Mist
August 1998

...And Oceans

Neptune - guitar
de Monde - guitar
Anzhaar - keyboards
K-2T4-S - vocals
Gaunt - bass
Grief - drums

Dry lung vocals on "...Ja Kylmä Vesi Nuolee Oksaa" by Wrath from Enochian Crescent.
Vocals on the second verse of "Breeding The Evil Inside" by Blastmor from Thyrane.

Krell - vocals
Christine - vocals
Tom - guitars
Kai - guitars
Harald - bass
Knarr - drums

Session synth by Sigurd Engum.


...And Oceans

01 ...Ja Kylmä Vesi Nuolee Oksaa
02 100 Meters Final (Accelerate)
03 Flesh (GGFH Cover)
04 Breeding the Evil Inside (Bloodthorn Cover)


05 Spite
06 The End Offensive (War III)
07 Dead Men Don't Rape (GGFH Cover)
08 Kärsimyksien Vaaleat Kädet (...And Oceans Cover)

Total playing time 41:51

Format: mp3 CBR 160 Kbps 44.1 Khz
File-Size: 48,69 MB
Link: Bloodthorn/...And Oceans - WAR Vol. I
Pass: Enemy

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