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Heimdalls Wacht - Rehearsal [Demo 2008][Germany]

Genre(s) Black Metal

Demo, Heidens Hart
August 2008

limited to 300 handnumbered copies.
"This Rehearsal-Tape was recorded under the influence of a couple of drunken days and the mighty spirit of metal emotions and represents the raw side of Heimdalls Wacht as it was never shown to the world in it's dirty face before. It presents the setlist that should have been performed on the Storm of Destruction and Waldschrat Festivals 2008 which we both couldn't destroy ourselves out of different reasons. So this is for the ones who waited for us and our Gigs, this is for the ones who want to experience Heimdalls Wacht in it's most natural way, this is or the ones who dare to enjoy our songs unproduced and rough... so take it for what it is! The mistakes we did on this recordings we caused by a big spirit of enthusiasm, a bit of dilletantism and of course by our good friends German Beer and Westfalian Korn!

Hheimdalls Wacht on this recording:
Narhemoth - Screams of War
Sauruman - Chainsaw Guitars, Growls of Death and Voice of The Unheard
Der Stern - Revealing the secrets of the Universe Guitars
Arjan - Low destructive Earthquake Bassguitar
Feuerriese - Mighty Drums of Demnation and Doom"

And correct tracklist:
01. Die Tranen des alten Wachters
02. Die letzte Runenmeisterin
03. Mythologem
04. Des Nordens Stern
05. Der Glanz der schwarzen Sonne
06. Aufstand der Stellingas
07. Ut de graute olle Tied
08. Unter dem Banner der weisen Hand
09. Weises Pferd auf rotem Grund
10. Women of dark Desires
11. Das Westfalenlied
12. Unbetitelt

01 Die Tränen Des Alten Wächters Live
02 Die Letzte Runenmeisterin Live
03 Mythologem Live
04 Des Nordens Stern Live
05 Der Glanz Der Schwarzen Sonne Live
06 Aufstand Der Stellingas/Ut De Graute Olle Tied/Unter Dem Banner Der Weißen Hand (Medley) Live
07 Weißes Pferd Auf Rotem Grund Live
08 Woman Of Dark Desires/Das Westfalenlied (Medley)

Total playing time 52:28

Format: mp3 CBR 320 Kbps 44.1 Khz
File-Size: 88.22 MB
Link: Heimdalls Wacht - Rehearsal [Demo 2008]
Pass: Enemy


Heidens Hart

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