sábado, 6 de diciembre de 2008

Drowning the Light - The Weeping Moon [Demo 2008][Australia]

Genre(s) Black Metal

Demo, Werewolf records
October 15th, 2008

pro-tape version limited to 120 copies through winterreich records, first 20 come with a bonus tape "blood for the countess" and a pin.

MLP will be released later on 10" vinyl through Werewolf records (finland)


01 The Weeping Moon
02 The Ruined Soul of a Blackened Past

Total playing time 19:26

Format: mp3 VBR 320 Kbps 44.1 Khz
File-Size: 32.18 MB
Link: Drowning the Light - The Weeping Moon [Demo 2008]
Pass: Enemy

Drowning the Light @ Myspace

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Strigoi Records
Werewolf Recs
Dark Adversary Productions (Azgorhs label)

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